The Yellow May Movement was born with only one proposal: to draw the society’s attention to the high rate of deaths and injuries in traffic around the world.

The objective is a coordinated action between the Government Agencies and civil society. The intention is to raise the issue of road safety and mobilize the whole society, involving the most diverse segments: government agencies, companies, class entities, associations, federations and organized civil society to effectively discuss the theme, engage people and propagate knowledge, discussing the full extent that the issue of traffic requires, in the most different spheres.

Did you know that you too can “save lives”? Yellow May 2022 highlights the power of every citizen to care for lives in transit.

When we think of people with the gift of saving lives, it comes to mind health professionals, firefighters, first responders among many others who are always present in occurrences or accidents.

In fact, these professionals bring this ability to the essence and technique of their craft and are our comfort and hope in difficult times, but if we consider that not putting someone at risk is also a way to save, we come to the clear conclusion: ANYONE CAN SAVE A LIFE.

When leaving home, we all have to protect ourselves and with that, we are saving lives, yours and that of those who cross your path. Exactly because the opposite is true: if you break the rules, you put your life at risk, but you also put the lives of those who share the street or road with you.

So, when driving, remember your power to save lives and put respect, responsibility and care for people in your daily commutes.



The Yellow May Movement will explore this reflection a lot. It will remind society of the recent challenge that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us: a complete change in behavior overnight. Suddenly, we locked ourselves inside the house, we became afraid to meet the people closest to us our entire lives. We had to abandon everyday places such as work, school, supermarket, beauty salon, church and start covering our face and adopting alcohol in gel as we adopted the cell phone: that is, with it all the time.

This is because we understand the importance of complying with certain rules for our safety and that of those we love. So, in a very short time, we learned to hold online meetings, online lectures, teach online classes, shop online, that is, we radically changed our daily lives to protect ourselves. Could it be that, understanding that traffic has risks and can seriously hurt us, we can’t also start to comply with the rules and save lives??

This will be the great challenge of the Movement for this 9th year of awareness for safer traffic: to show society that all of us, regardless of our profession, can save lives, knowing and complying with the rules. From the moment I’m walking on the sidewalk, looking for a crosswalk, waiting for my turn at the traffic light, with all attention and care, I’m preserving not only my life, but that of everyone else who is there with me. And this logic is valid for those who are on a bicycle, motorcycle or in a passenger car or in a large vehicle.

Therefore, the Yellow May Movement of 2022 makes an invitation: join the professionals so important in every society, who dedicate their lives to taking care of others and let’s save lives together!



In Brazil, the year 2022 began with a great advance in terms of educational campaigns to raise awareness that all entities of the National Transit System must carry out throughout the year, as provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code: the National Traffic Council defined in September, which themes should be worked on throughout this year.

This, without a doubt, was a great achievement for all of the National Transit System, because then we can already think what educational message we will work during the month of May, when the education actions of the Yellow May Movement are carried out with more emphasis. Resolution 871/2021, of September 13, brought the slogan: “Together We Save Lives” so that we can reflect on this in this 2022.

With this, since the last quarter of 2021, the Education and Communication teams of the OBSERVATÓRIO Nacional de Segurança Viária (National Road Safety OBSERVATORY) have been working on the campaign that will mobilize the entire society from North to South of the country, during the month of May.

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